Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sourdough Bread, yum!

Bismillah (in the name of Allah)

So, baking bread with regular store-bought yeast was not cutting it for me. I decided I would give one more try at sourdough (last time I did, about 2 years ago, I ended up with two rocks instead of bread) MashAllah this time with Allah's help and the informative details from Mike I'm succesfully baking sourdough bread. Smells heavenly, tastes deliciously sour and apparently is good to our health.

This is my culture

And this is my first loaf fresh out of the oven

If anyone is interested in details about this ancient art of sourdough making, I would gladly share; otherwise head over to Mike's website, he has an amazing amount of information on anything sourdough related.

It feels so good to eat bread the way it was eaten by our ancestors, whom without any knowledge of healthy bacteria and lactobacillious managed to master this method by trial and error, I imagine. It definately involves some work and time but I believe that anything that is wholesome and beneficial to us does.

I hope you all are enjoying these winter days and take advantage of it to learn the art of homemaking and while you're at it some sourdough making :o)


  1. Oh no you didn't. This just looks amazing! Very, very inspiring. I love sourdough and you MAY have given me the courage to try it.

  2. Go for it! I highly reccomend you check the website I mentioned in my post. This guy is all about sourdough and his instructions are so simple, you can't go wrong. One thing, you have to feed this babe (your culture) or refrigerate it; it's very sensitive to starvation, but who isn't?