Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Tale of Sewing and Having Fun


In my sewing corner there has been some finished projects: A dress made from a pillowcase for Cooks:

And, a pair of shorts/underwear I made for Teddy with the fabric I won in the 'sew mama sew' giveaway that I mentioned here

Gladly, I have more projects in line to take form and shape, which, of course, I'll be sharing here along the way. But, to be honest with myself, I'm going to have to give up big chunks of sleep to accomplish them because it is plainly too nice outside to spend the days at home.

Somehow between having some good times in the backyard:

Visiting the beautiful spots this city has to offer:

And, of course, riding bikes in the neighbourhood:

I'm going to have to be very organized and creative to find time to spend here:

But, frankly, I don't mind taking a long time to complete a sewing project. After all, this is not some sort of race or competition; it is plain pleasure.

How are you incorporating your hobbies into your life? 


  1. I really like your pillowcase dress - pillowcases are wonderful to recreate with. Thank you for writing the inspiring comment about the pillowcase apron! Happy sewing!

  2. You're most welcome! If I ever get my hands on some vintage pillowcases I'll be trying your pillowcase apron. So far, I haven't had much luck at my local thrift stores.