Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home Business

Bismillah (In the name of Allah)

I'm always thinking of jobs that can be done from home, and a few times have contemplated the idea of embarking on the journey of having a home-based business. I've had quiet a few ideas that have sounded promising but when I think about all that it involves and the sacrifices that need to be made I realized that at this point in my life it's better I stay clear from entrepreneuring.

The reason is I believe that I'm needed to support my husband in all he needs to succeed in his post-secondary studies and my children are still young to have a busy mom with little time for them. I know, I know many women manage to do it, and good for them! But in my case I'm very cautious to take such a step that may interfere with my duties as a mom and a wife. Perhaps the day will come and I will let you know, inshAllah (God willing)

Here are some of the business ideas that I have contemplated, in case you are looking for some new ideas:

A halal monitoring authority that grants halal certification to products that range from cosmetics to non-perishable foods, etc. This I believe is highly needed in North America, in the meantime Muslims rely heavily on Kosher certifications or else they have to call each company themselves to find out whether products are ok for them to consume or use.
A diaper service: More and more people are realizing that cloth diapering is the way to go; and I believe this trend is only going to become more popular as more and more people want to reduce their foot print on this planet. A lot of people would prefer to wash their own diapers but what about the busy parents that work outside of home and send their kids to daycare? And, what about daycares? Whom are going to be overwhelmed with the amount of parents wanting to cloth diaper their children and would need the services of such business. And, of course there would be the parents that plainly want to relegate the whole diaper-washing business to the experts and avoid it themselves; why do it at home when you can have your diapers washed and sanitized to a higher standard? And all that is required of you is to change the diaper and toss it in the bin provided by them. I see a great potential in this area but obviously it's an enterprise that requires a significant investment and could only be done from home if you're located in a residential/commercial area.

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  1. This was a work in progress and just now I realized it was published a few days ago. Don't know what happened; perhaps I clicked on 'publish' by accident. Anyway,I decided to leave it as it is and will share some more ideas in the future on a different post.