Friday, November 12, 2010

Nighty Night Sweethearts

Bismillah (In the name of Allah)

When it comes to homemaking, parenting, Islam, and whatever relates to it I believe myself to be an amateur in her very early attempts. And on top of that, I'm progressing at crawling speed-sigh.

Last night, though, I realized that there's one thing that I had mastered in the parenting arena: I have, alhamdulillah (praised be Allah,) got all my children accustomed to go to bed by themselves. Let me elaborate: I developed sort of a routine where my two older kids get in their pjs, brush their teeth, and go to bed just expecting from me "a warm hug and kisses." After tucking them in bed with 16-month-old in arms I proceed to her room where I nurse her, give her the same dose of hugs and kisses, put her in bed and they're gone to sleep. I know some of you might be thinking,"What's the big deal?" But to me it's a blessing. After I put them to bed after spending the entire day with them, alhamdulillah, I need my time to do whatever I enjoy and spend time with my husband in the evening; and I also believe it's healthy for children to have set bedtimes instead of just being up beyond tire until parents go to sleep. I know too many a case and I know how it can affect people's lives negatively.

I think we had to stop and thank Allah often for the things He blesses us and gives us ease with, and this is what I'm thaknful for today. We could become so pesimistic due to the challenges we face everyday and the difficulties we encounter as parents that our vision becomes so clouded and we can't see beyond the negative. I invite you to look at those little blessings that we are offered everyday. It sometimes can be as obvious as what I shared above but other times it could hide behind seemingly hideous things like a messy house or dirty dishes in the sink. A messy house, dirty dishes? Of course! Having a lively house causes mess, which could be cleared anytime you want, anyways. And, as for dirty dishes in the sink I leave this one up to you to ponder about ;-)

Alhamdulillah for the ease I've been given and all the blessings I am showered with everyday! 

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