Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Parents Patience and Children's Good Behaviour

Bismillah (in the name of God)

   I have been paying close attention to children's behaviour for the last ten years- that's how long I've been a mother. Now, without claiming expertise in the area let me share my most important observation. One that I've had the opportunity to see in my own parenting, my friends' parenting and even I recall from the way I was brought up how this shape the way I am.

   Friends, I firmly believe that children's behaviour is, not only, but greatly shaped by how patient we are with them. And let me be clear that coming to this understanding hasn't, from one day to another, made me a patient mom. In fact, I have lost my cool on my sweet children more often than I'd like to admit. 

   What am I doing to help myself in this aspect? First of all recognize that I need to change and take the steps necessary to keep calm when all else seems to be falling apart. It doesn't require me to be super human but determined to do what's in my best interest and my family's well being and happiness.

   Also, make sure I'm taking good care of my body; that is that I'm drinking enough water, eating wholesome foods, getting proper sleep- not the easiest with a newborn but I do what I can, and if not exercising at least moving. Everyday I intend on trying my best. Some days are great others aren't. I just try to start fresh each day.

And lastly but most importantly, feeding my soul by fulfilling my daily prayers, and raising my hands in supplication to the One who can change my condition. I can't stress enough this last step. I believe most reading this are Muslims but if that's not you raise your hands and ask the creator of life and everything in existence and you will be helped in ways you had not imagined.

   You and I both deserve to enjoy the company of our children. And let's be honest, nobody enjoys misbehaviour, constant meltdowns, disrespect, screaming and so on. You get the gist of what I mean. But our children also deserve our patience and our example in dealing with difficulty, trials and tests. Let's try this and see the results. They might not show right away but in the long term we'll be glad that we made the conscientious effort to be patient with our beloved children.


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