Monday, March 14, 2016

Two Years Later!

Bismillah (in the name of God)

   Hello friends, it appears I come here once a year. What can I say? I'm being stubborn and not giving up on this idea of blogging even though I clearly haven't seem to put aside the time to do it thus far. I just have been beyond busy but in all honesty if I had really wanted to I would have posted here but didn't.

   It comes down to making priorities and making them happen. I want to make blogging a priority. Reason being I used to love expressing myself through writing and motherhood, home-keeping and all that it entails consumes my time these days. Don't get me wrong I would not trade my position for anything. I'm truly happy and thankful being where I am and doing what I'm doing alhamdulillah (Praised be God)

   Funny thing is my last entry is from February 14, 2014! That's just over two years ago and tons have happened since then. I gave birth to another bundle of joy in January of this year. Let's call him Salster -You want to know what I call my other sweetlings? check out my about page by clicking here where I mentioned what I call them and why. Also, I'm parenting solo during the week while my husband is away for his studies. On the weekends he's with us and we just relax and spend time together doing the simple things a family does, eat together, watch a family movie together and so on.

   These days we enjoy listening to audio books on this excellent free website and try to do our school work in the mornings and the kids do a lot of lego and drawing, those are their passions, oh and pretend play all day long.

   Well friends, let's keep it short and sweet for now. the babe has awoken and mommy duty is calling.

   Till next time (hopefully less than a year :)

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